Caravan exhibition of visual arts

The sixth edition of this travelling visual arts exhibition displays the work of 48 Egyptian and international artists under the auspices of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.

The theme this year is “Amen. A Prayer for the World” and displays life-size sculptures in series of four prayer poses. The works of art in Cairo are displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in the grounds of Cairo Opera.

The exhibition then travels to Washington DC where the sculpture will be displayed in the National Cathedral (30 Aug-6 Oct) and afterwards to New York City’s cathedral of St John the Divine (12 Oct-16 Nov).

The Rev Paul-Gordon, an Episcopal priest and interfaith advocate, who has worked extensively in the Islamic world, and Egyptian contemporary artist Reda Abdel Rahman, have curated the show.

Last year the theme for the 45 artists taking part in the CARAVAN exhibition was “Donkeys”.