Festival Fim do Caminho

Films to be screened throughout the country

Film showings in various historic sites in Maputo and around the country.

The programme includes shorts curated by Interfilm Berlin, full-length European films, a special programme for children and films made on location in Maputo.

There is also an exhibition of posters, some of Italian neorealism films, lent by the Museo National del Cinema in Turin. There are five different programmes as well as workshops and talks. This is the first time that the films chosen for the festival will also be screened in locations in the north of the country, in Nampula and Nacala.

The festival is particularly important because of the scarcity of cinemas in Mozambique. It is estimated that there are fewer than ten functioning cinemas countrywide and none in Nampula province. One of the sites is the Old Fort on Mozambique Island, a World Heritage site.