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Nicholas Stavy concert in Addis Ababa

Piano concert by Nicholas Stavy, music by Chopin, Bach, Brahms and Liszt. The concert, organised by the Alliance Ethio-Française, is part of the Addis Ababa fourth classical music festival....
Addis Ababa What's on

Chika bet versus Condominium

In the continuing debate on “Changing Addis”, focusing on urban development in the city, the Alliance Ethio-Française and EiABS (Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Constr...
Addis Ababa What's on

Emanuel Tegene. Angels and Demons

This is Emanuel Tegene’s first solo exhibition. He studied at the Ale School of Fine Art before leaving to work in Israel for two years. His graffiti-like figures, some of which carry serial num...
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Addis Ababa. How to plan a booming city?

A lecture and debate on city planning in two cities, Addis Ababa and Lyon. The speakers are Mathewos Asfaw, the general manager of the Addis Ababa and Oromia special zone development area and Patri...
Addis Ababa What's on

Elias Sime

Using computer motherboards as inspiration Elias Sime has created Tightrope out of recyclable materials. The exhibition is curated by Meskerem Assegued and is on show at the Alliance Ethio-Fran&cce...
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Trans Continental Cooperation in Africa

Our readers what's on: - Call for Applications - International Conference Trans Continental Cooperation in Africa "The Future of the Millennium Development Goals in the African Union" (Addis Aba...
Addis Ababa What's on

Alemu Aga and The Fendika in Addis

Concert by Alemu Aga and The Fendika. Alemu Aga is a master of the begena or ten-string lyre, sometimes called King David's harp, which is one of the country's oldest instruments. It is used in religi...
Addis Ababa What's on

Tewodros Hagos: You and Me

You and Me is the title of the exhibition of work by Tewodros Hagos. This Ethiopian artist displays hyper-realistic figurative paintings based on real-life experiences in Addis Ababa. His works her...
Addis Ababa What's on

Heritage exhibition in Addis Ababa

Exhibition entitled Neglected Heritage. Architecture of the first 50 years of the Capital of Africa. As Ethiopia plans for a capital of more than four million inhabitants Addis Ababa is being tran...
Addis Ababa What's on

Projection of Almanya

Goethe Institut projects the humorous comedy Almanya, which tells the story of the 1.000.001st Turkish immigrant worker, Hueseyin, who emigrated to Germany, as well as that of his children and grandch...
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Tribute to the Smiles of African Mothers

This exhibition, entitled Smiles of African Mothers, features a series of photographs by some photographers of Magnum, commissioned by the Italian Committee for the Medical Collaboration, a non-profit...
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Right Here: Addis Ababa Biographical Map

This multicultural event consists of a video and map presentation by the Italian photographer, architect and artist Anna Positano, which relates places and memories. It mixes biography and geography t...
Addis Ababa What's on

Addis Modern: Rediscovering the 1960s Architecture of Africa’s Capital City

This exhibition, entitled Addis Modern, documents modern architecture in Addis Ababa when the Ethiopian capital became the seat of the African Union. The exhibition focuses on series of buildings with...
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Dutch Visit to Ethiopia 1930-1931

20 April-3 May. The Netherlands and Alliance éthio-française organise this exhibition, entitled A Dutch Visit to Ethiopia, which describes the journey of the Dutch aristocrat Baron Binne...
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Trento Film Festival

Films from the Trento Film Festival feature a series of international movies at the Italian Cultural Institute. 18 April the American movie Cold by Anson Fogel, as well as the Italian movie Piccola Te...
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Piano Recital by Rosario Pavone

This piano recital is performed by the Sicilian pianist Rosario Pavone. Pavone studied under F. Zadra and B. Petrushansky and won more than 30 piano soloists national and international competitions. H...
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Workshop for Ethiopian and German Authors of Children’s Books

This one-day workshop will bring together Ethiopian and German authors, including Cornelia Franz, Sigrid Zeevaert, Hanna Jansen and Doris Meissner-Johannknecht, directed by Nasrin Siege, a German/Iran...
Addis Ababa What's on

Lecture and Screening on Franz Kafka

8 Mar. On occasion of the 130th anniversary of Franz Kafka (1883–1924), this seminar looks at one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. The lecture, followed by the screening o...
Addis Ababa What's on

Projection of Memory Books

5 Mar. On occasion of the International Women’s Day, Goethe Institut organizes the screening of the German documentary movie Memory Books, directed by Christa Graf. It focuses on the conditio...
Addis Ababa What's on

Projection of Totò Savour and the Magical Story of Pizza

8 Feb. This Italian animation movie, entitled Totò Savour and the Magical Story of Pizza, by Maurizio Forestieri. Set in Naples in 1758, it tells the story of a young penniless minstrel, nam...


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