Addis Ababa. How to plan a booming city?

A lecture and debate on city planning in two cities, Addis Ababa and Lyon.

The speakers are Mathewos Asfaw, the general manager of the Addis Ababa and Oromia special zone development area and Patrice Berger director of international activities of the Lyon city planning agency in France. Over the last decade the French embassy in Ethiopia has been assisting Addis Ababa planners with the development of new city areas such as the Oromia development.

Plans are in the final stages but must still be approved by the city and the areas involved. They include new infrastructure, public and private transport sytems, industrial and retail areas, land development and an airport. The whole development area, which includes the city, covers 1.1 billion hectares and involves 5.7 million people.

Alliance Ethio-Française, Cinema Hall at 18.30. In conjunction with the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development (EIABC).