UDO Ghana Street Dance dances out

UDO Ghana Street Dance is organising Dance Out street dancing every Sunday from 10 November. All dance groups are welcome at Afrikiko off Kanda Crescent. Groups or just single dancers can register for this event promoted by Flash Mob Ghana.

United Dance Organisation (UDO) is a European street dance organisation that is now branching into Ghana. It is teaming up with Flash Mob Ghana to promote street dance and the dance industry in general.

Flash Mob Ghana staged a dance mob event at the end of October to promote the Marina Shopping Mall in Airport City.

Marina Mall was opened in 2012 as a retail and office hub close to the airport. It is one of a number of shopping mall developments across the city, such as West Mills Mall, Airport Square, Nester Square and the Oxford Street Mall.

Marina Mall includes a branch of Benetton and Chicco, a supermarket with a good range of foreign brands, a computer shop, a pharmacy and eating areas.