Ethiopia visa applications now available online

Ethiopian e-visa system now available.

Visas for Ethiopia are now available online. The programme to allow online applications for all nationalities has been in the making since 2017, in collaboration with the Ethiopian immigration service and Ethiopian Airlines. 

Once the application and payment have been authorised the visa itself will be also be issued online.

There is a link between the Ethiopian Airlines website and the Ethiopian government site for the e-visa applications. At present travellers with an e-visa can only enter Ethiopia via Bole airport in Addis Ababa. Only single entry and conferences visas are available online as the e-visa programme is designed mainly to encourage tourism and trade.

The government website warns that applications and payments made through unauthorised sites, which are listed on the government site, are not recognised.

The Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, has also announced that there are future plans for nationals from all African countries to be able to travel to Ethiopia without visas. The news came during a state visit in late May from Rwanda’s president, Paul Kegame, who has recently freed up visa requirements for Africans travelling to Rwanda.