Beautiful hiking trails of Seychelles

In the middle of the island’s rocky patches are some of the best hiking trails you can find anywhere in the world. 

The island nation of 95,000 surrounded by the Indian Ocean to the Northeast of Madagascar. The native language of the island is Creole, but the island inhabitants speak French and English regularly. The residents of Seychelles cherish their cuisine, language, music, and fashion during the annual Kreol festival. Apart from the stunning view of the giant Aldabra tortoises that mark the island as a UNESCO world heritage site, the island boasts of serene hiking trails. Here are some suggestions on where to hike in Seychelles.

Anse major trail

The trail leading to Anse Major is worth a mention. The path is fairly narrow and easy to walk beginning from Danzil and carries on for more than an hour. Along the way, the view is raw. The sight of granite rock formations is pleasing to the eye, revealing the only way to reach Anse Major when on foot.

Mount Copolia

The ‘Copolia trail’ is a must-do activity for any hiking lover. Located in the Morne Seychellois National Park, the hike winds it’s way to the summit of Mount Copolia which peaks at 500 meters. A small green sign marks the start of the trail, at about 300 meters above sea level meaning the path is slightly elevated. The hike will proceed for another 2 hours wherein there will be steep sections.

Morne Blanc Trail 

Situated in a rural part in the western part of Mahe, the trail is deeply interwoven with island nature. Before going setting off, get the right footwear and plenty of refreshments as the journey does get steep at some places. The best place to park your vehicle is right by the tea factory. A short walk down the road and you will see a signpost pointing out the trail.

Morne Seychellois

In the heart of Mahe is Morne Seychellois, which is 900 meters at its highest point. Unlike the other hiking trails on the island, this one will take up to 5 hours. As a beginner, it will be quite stressful but professionals will find it quite rewarding. If you have kids with you, it would be best to opt for softer trails. The mountain covers around 40 percent of the entire island’s landmass, displaying a full view of the island’s nature and beauty.

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Vallee De Mai 

This UNESCO world heritage site inside the natural reserve should make it to everyones hiking bucket list. The view of 25 kg coconuts hanging off the tree branches is stunning. It’s a nice way to take time off the city and enjoy much of what the island has to offer. You can opt for a guided tour where you get to learn a lot more about the island, their history, tradition, and customs. As a forest hike, it is favorable for entire families as the terrain is fairly flat and most of the walk is under shaded by the trees.

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Beautiful hiking trails of Seychelles