Best neighborhoods to live while in Cairo

When visiting Cairo, picking a suitable area of residence matters. First, your choice must coincide with the purpose of stay and the places you intend to visit. Cairo is diverse and offers accommodation tailored to every taste and preference. You might be on a business trip, on vacation or out to visit friends and family, it doesn’t matter. Rest assured there is adequate room for everyone visiting the capital. 


Zamalek is an affluent district on Gezira island and is home to the wealthy and affluent. The island has top class boutiques, islands, bookstores, shops, restaurants, embassies, and hotels. Zamalek being a quiet area creates a conducive environment for anyone seeking a chilled out abode. The place houses both 5-star hotels and budget options. The Cairo Tower, another significant landmark, is a major attraction for visitors.


Maadi Sarayat has often been likened to Berlin. The place is green and inviting. On a rainy day, you can smell the rain on the wet surrounding tarmac. Part of the area policy mandates all organizations to take care of their gardens. If you are into sporting, you can visit the Maadi Sports club that has seen several of Cairo’s best sporting talent pass through its doors.


This elite part of Cairo dates back to the 19th century when French architects invested part of their expertise in its development. The area gives a modern yet ancient feel that dates back to Khedive Ismail - the ruler back then. Zamalek and Maadi towns are way fancier but Downtown beats them when it comes to size. Family life here can be described as fairly isolated.


Also known as Haram, this is the best place to reside if you are eager for a constant glimpse of the majestic pyramids. The pyramid district is closely situated to Memphis, Saqqara, and Dahshur. This is within walking distance of the finest locations showcasing ancient Egyptian remains, antiques, and monuments.

New Cairo

New Cairo is also known as the Fifth settlement, the district would attract people who are trying to escape the congestion of the capital. Alternatively, it works fine for those on a business trip. The place has fine dining areas, most likely situated in its exclusive malls that are unlike any other. For instance, the Cairo Festival City is the second-largest mall in the country, extending 3 million square meters.

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Best neighborhoods to live while in Cairo

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