Trial market for Cairo street vendors

Egypt Street kiosk project launched in Cairo's al-Nazha area

Cairo street vendors can apply for licenses to run kiosks and mobile stalls under a new experimental project set to launch in a specially-designated area of the city on 1 August.

Under the title Egypt Street, the pilot project aims to relocate the kiosks and carts of artisans and food vendors into a 1,000-sqm area in Cairo's al-Nazha district.

The sheme will run on a trial three-month basis and street vending licences are subject to certain rules: vendors must be aged under 30 and reside in Cairo, they cannot be civil servants and they must operate their kiosks or carts personally. They must also abide by hygiene standards and pay the city an undisclosed monthly licence fee.

The city says the project aims to "curb unemployment rates, regulate the work of street vendors, reduce road congestion and supervise the food offered to consumers through these carts."

If successful the scheme will be replicated in other neighbourhoods of the capital.