5 things do while in Arusha

Arusha rests on the hills of Mount Meru, a patch of urbanization surrounded by endless plains of stunning wildlife scenery that marks Tanzania. The city is a delightful tale of the African story, surrounded by its sound and beautiful sights. A unique blend of rural and urban lifestyle is a hallmark signature of most urban centers throughout Sub-saharan Africa - Arusha being no exception. Whether its travel, holiday, visit, honeymoon or leisure, here are some of the top suggestions on how you can spend your time effectively.

Buy souvenirs

Arusha is the main checkpoint of those heading to the Northern tourist circuit. The collection of artifacts, both cultural and unique to the region are countless. At this point, you can identify what works and what does not work out for you. Part of the collection includes beads, fabrics, gemstones and other antiques. Avail yourself and prove your bargaining skills with Africa’s finest negotiators.

Discover the coffee

As Tanzania's most important cash crop, coffee plantations are spread out across the countryside farmlands stretching as far as the eyes can see. The steep and hilly landscapes boast some of the finest coffee grain in the entire East African region. Join one of the organized factory tours that take you through the processing process from seed to cup. 

Visit the local artisan workshops

Popularly known as Shanga, such community-based adventures are great for moving around with family. Let the young ones learn how to make their own Shanga using recycled glass beads. Most of the products in such community-help centers are shipped to retail outlets across the country.

Travel back in time

Housed in the Old German ‘boma’ (Swahili meaning for compound) is the Arusha Natural History Museum. A structure that stands strong since the 1900s. To understand the significance of the building, remember Tanzania shares past colonial ties with Germany. Enjoy a trip down memory lane at the museum as you discover Tanzania’s evolutionary fossil history. Within the exhibited collection are past pictures that showcase animals and the raw landscape at the backdrop.

Meserani Snake Park

Only a few hours at the Meserani Snake Park is worth the knowledge of what creeps through the African bushes. The facility is well maintained and frequented by guides who are knowledgeable on all snakes. Also within the park is a Maasai shopping center and a small shopping village.

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5 things do while in Arusha

Arusha, Tanzania

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