Tanzania's private islands

A chain of private resort islands in pristine condition awaiting your arrival.

Within some of the islands, like Changuu, are remains of historical ties to the ancient slave trade that rocked the Tanzanian coast during the era of the Sultans. 

For many years, the Safari has been the ultimate legacy footprint for anyone journeying to East Africa. You can almost hear yourself go, “I have been there” or “I went on Safari.” Let us shift away from a hard day's drive on 4 by 4, down to the Indian ocean, wherein lies hidden coastal treasure. A chain of private resort islands in pristine condition awaiting your arrival.

What are we looking at?

Three words the best describe the islands are luxury, exclusivity and special. Powdery white sands, crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and neatly spread out palm trees.

This marks the alluring and naturally endowed private islands dotting the 885 miles (1,424 km) coastal waters. Apart from the popular island of Zanzibar the private islands of Fanjove, Changuu, Mnemba, Chumbe, and Thanda are the perfect destinations for you to escape the flurry of activity in the crowded urban centers.

Replace the dark clouds of the cold winters with bright blue skies full of happiness and sunshine. A stay in any of these exotic islands does not come cheap.

The luxury and opulence on display is tailored to every individual and translates to the services and amenities. From spa treatments, helicopter helipads, private butlers, state-of-the-art libraries, gaming rooms, bars, you name it. 

Coastal history

History lovers will check out the records on the ancient slave trade dating back centuries ago, with Changuu island acting as a prison for rebellious slaves. Thanda island has a rich history dating back to the Iron Age, right around Juani’s Ukunju Cave. Right at the Songo Songo Archipelago is Fanjove island, built of lime and coral stone by the Germans to guide oncoming ships.

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Environmental conservation efforts

To safeguard the blue economy, the resort owners are actively engaged in preserving the natural landscape. The buildings easily blend with the neighboring ecosystem as the architectural designs rely heavily on materials provided for by nature. Most of the islands harbor delicate ecosystems and are mostly self-reliant in their utility needs. Do not worry about mobile reception or WiFi, it's covered in most areas.

The food

The cuisine is a classic. Tales from the islands narrate of sumptuous restaurant experiences. Remember, with all the time in the world at your disposal, the only constant routine is the dining part. The quality of food is outstanding, the selection of international cuisine is diverse, and you get to try something different every single day. Lunch and dinner by the poolside or served under the night stars are more than what you bargained for anyway.

Go for it

Still unconvinced? One or two things don't add up? Is this all a marketing ploy? Well, it's always better to hear the message directly from the source. Reach out and inquire about the fine details. I’m sure a romantic candlelit dinner or an outdoor spa preceded by fun-filled watersports are awaiting your arrival.

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Tanzania's private islands

Fanjove Island, Tanzania