5 Popular Beaches In Nigeria

It’s a shame that Nigerian beaches do not feature among the top in Africa. The oil-rich West African nation boasts of stunning white coastlines.

The region’s private beaches offer a great opportunity for relaxation, recreation, and entertainment. Nigeria offers a wide selection of private beaches with adequate chill spots.

In most of the beachfront resorts and hotels, there are relaxation facilities such as gymnasiums, saunas, swimming pools, you name it. Listed are our top five popular beaches arrived at by random selections 

Elegushi - Affordable

As a highly popular private beach, Elegushi is an assembly point for everyone especially families and kids. The best time to get a barely populated beach walk is anytime before 2 pm after which it starts getting packed. Remember to carry your own drinks and snacks. The place has an entrance fee which is pocket-friendly. The exuberance and energy are eccentric and the activities carry on way into the night. Expert swimmers are on the lookout to ensure the no one wanders too far into the water. Ph: Alucardion / Shutterstock.com

Eleko beach - Located at Lagos frontier

For a private beach experience, Eleko is the place to be. The place has an African touch in the form of bamboo huts and strategically lies close to the Lagos Free Trade Zone - right at the edge of the ever-expanding Lagos frontier.

Ibeno Beach - Great for watersports

Located in the Iben Akwa Ibom State, it is one of the longest beaches in Nigeria. The coastal stretch of sea extends all the way to Jamestown by the Atlantic. Ibeno beach offers a great opportunity for relaxation and physical recreation. If you are into watersports, you just arrived at the perfect spot.

Lekki Beach - Luxury

If you are after a luxury seaside getaway, Lekki beach makes a good start. You get to enjoy a wide array of activities while remaining close to the beach. Enjoy golf, tennis, swimming, and relaxation in exclusive health spas. The environment accommodates an informal business meet and the right amenities to back it up such as banquet halls, private rooms, you name it.

Santa Cruz Beach - Relaxation

This serene destination is great for hanging out as it forms a perfect getaway for couples, both young and old. The view of the Atlantic ocean from the shore dotted with large coconut trees is magnificent as it blends into the horizon. You can pack your own refreshments and enjoy the moment as you smell in the rich air. Find your way to the beach through the dusty Okun-Ajah road, right after the Atican Beach Resort. The nearby restaurant and lodgings are clean and decent.