Bombed Arusha church to become pilgrimage site

The Catholic archdiocese in Arusha has declared the Olasiti church, where three people lost their lives in an explosion on 5 May, as a pilgrimage site.

In addition to the three casualties, 60 people were injured in the blast at the newly-built Catholic church was being consecrated when a bomb was thrown into the open-air congregation.

A total of 12 people were arrested in connection with the incident, including three United Arab Emirates citizens and one Saudi Arabian who have been released after police found them to be completely innocent.

On 12 May a local motorcycle taxi operator was charged with three counts of murder and 18 counts of attempted murder for his suspected role in the attack. He will appear before court on 27 May.

The new pilgrimage destination is situated in the village of Olasiti about 7 km to the south of Arusha's Central Business District (CBD).