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South Africa strikes record helium find

Once the world’s largest gold producer, South African prospectors have stumbled across helium - a new treasure. The gas is often associated with birthday balloons and squeaky voices. Helium is vital...
Cape Town News

Cape Town puts start-up companies on the map

Website links new firms through interactive map A new interactive website is charting Cape Town's start-up companies and fledgling service-providers, with the aim of encouraging new businesses to...
Cape Town News

Cosatu strike to cause nationwide disruption

Cosatu, South Africa’s largest trade union federation, is expecting its strike on 7 March to attract about 35,000 people in Cape Town alone, with approximately 100,000 across the country.The str...
Cape Town News

Cape Town hosts 2012 Africa Economic Forum

Cape Town is to host the 6th edition of the Africa Economic Forum from 5-7 March at the city
Cape Town News

South Africa strike suspended

Trade unions in South Africa suspended their strike for higher wages and benefits on 6 September in order to have a cooling off period to examine the government
Cape Town News

New central bank chief appointed.

Gill Marcus has been appointed governor of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), the country
Cape Town News

South Africa ports see increased traffic due to Somali piracy.

Ports in South Africa stand to benefit from the present insecurity in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean as shipping companies consider rerouting their vessels around the Cape of Good Hope to avoid...
Cape Town News

New statistical index measures Cape economy.

The Western Cape province has a new statistical index measuring performance of the local economy, national newspaper
Cape Town News

South African fuel strike ends.

Fuel industry workers have ended their eight-day strike after employers and unions bowed to public opinion and the government and reached a compromise deal over disputed pay. However, the fuel shortag...
Cape Town News

Public sector strike continues.

Public sector workers in South Africa have entered their third week of strike action as unions and government representatives struggle to reach an agreement over demands for increased pay. Negotiators...
Cape Town News

World Economic Forum on Africa.

The World Economic Forum on Africa is underway in Cape Town until 15 June. The three-day meeting of government representatives, economists and members of the business and finance communities is on the...
Cape Town News

Malays and Islamic leaders to meet in Cape Town.

Thousands of Malays and Islamic leaders, businesspeople, academics and cultural activists will be in Cape Town 30 July-3 August for a meeting titled Opportunities on trade, tourism and education betwe...
Cape Town News

Going for growth.

Heads of state and representatives of the business community and civil society are to gather in Cape Towns smart new international convention centre 31 May-2 June for the World Economic Forum on Afric...
Cape Town News

New fresh produce market for Cape Flats.

A new fresh produce market is under construction at Philippi East on the Cape Flats south east of the city centre as part of a strategy to boost economic growth in one of the most depressed areas of t...


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