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Cape Town News

Cape Town covered in sea foam

The South African city has been hit in recent days by a wave of bad weather, with strong winds and large waves that have covered the streets with sea foam. Despite the alert issued by the weather s...
Cape Town News

New freshwater supply in Western Cape

Discovery is good news for Western Cape as it battles water crisis.A freshwater resource has been found in Beaufort West, about 460 km north-east of Cape Town, as the Western Cape battles an ongoing w...
Cape Town News

Cape Town saves water supplies

Cape Town city authorities have urged residents to continue conserving water, despite recent heavy rains, following the prolonged drought that saw the Western Cape's water reserve fall below ten per c...
Cape Town News

Cape Town prepares for future droughts

Day Zero plan follows recent drought in Western Cape. Cape Town is currently preparing contingency plans outlining measures to deal with future drought situations, following the recent prolonged wa...
Cape Town News

Cape Town prays for rain

Drought-stricken city holds interfaith prayer service for rain. Cape Town held an interfaith religious service on Table Mountain on 25 May, with prayers calling for rain as the Western Cape grapple...
Cape Town News

Cape Town lists top water-wasting streets

Top 100 water consuming streets identified as Cape Town battles drought. The Cape Town administration has released a list of the streets containing the top 100 water consumers as the city grapples...
Cape Town News

Water restrictions in Cape Town

Cape Town residents encouraged to conserve water. Cape Town's new “Level Three” water restriction regulations came into effect from 1 November and remain in operation until further notice. The l...
Cape Town News

Public vegetable garden in Cape Town

Company's Garden goes back to its roots A public vegetable and herb garden has been created at the Company’s Garden, a Cape Town landmark in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD)....
Cape Town News

Cape Town clamps down on car washes

Cape Town is clamping down on "informal" car washes in an effort to preserve water, as it examines more effective ways of managing water use. Authorities say that too much water is being wasted at...
Cape Town News

Controlled burn at Cape Town wetlands

Vegetation at the Zoarvlei wetland section of Table Bay nature reserve in Cape Town is to be burnt by the city's environmental resource management department. The 140-hectare reserve is located nex...
Cape Town News

Cape Town’s polluted air

The air of Cape Town is among the most polluted in South Africa, ranking alongside the coalfields of Witbank and Limpopo in the country's northern region. The findings were presented by experts at...
Cape Town News

Oil spill in Cape Town

Oil leaking from a Turkish bulk carrier that ran aground three years ago off the coast of Cape Town has led to the closure of beaches at Table View, Reitvlei and Dolphin Beach. It is believed that...
Cape Town News

Cape Town recycling statue

An enormous sculpture of a man, constructed out of 4,200 empty Coca-Cola crates, has appeared at Cape Town
Cape Town News

Cape Town Bike festival cancelled

The Cape Town Bike Festival (CTBF), scheduled to take place at the Cape Town Stadium from 16-18 December, has been cancelled due insufficient sponsorship and poor ticket sales. The CTBF
Cape Town News

Cape Town’s Table Mountain among

Table Mountain was listed among the Seven Wonders of the World by the Swiss-based New7Wonders Foundation on 11 November. The win was the result of a global competition in which hundreds of millions of...
Cape Town News

South Africa targets pollution

South Africa is to place limits for carbon emissions on the country
Cape Town News

Shark attacks earlier than usual in Cape Town

A British swimmer, who refused to heed warnings about the presence of sharks, was attacked by a Great White Shark off Fish Heok at the end of September. He was saved after two local men, Hugh Till and...
Cape Town News

Oil slick in Cape Town

A thick oil slick has washed up on a one-kilometre stretch of beach at Blouberg in Cape Town on 3 September. The crude oil had leaked from the Seli 1 bulk-carrier ship which ran aground near Table Bay...
Cape Town News

Cape Town shark warning

The city of Cape Town has issued swimmers with shark warnings and has drawn attention to the seasonal increase in the presence of Great White Sharks around in-shore areas along the Western Cape. T...


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