Accra to open spaceship centre

Africa’s first spaceship research centre to open in Accra.

Accra will soon be home to Africa's first spaceship research centre, thanks to an agreement between Keshe Foundation International, a Netherlands-based organisation promoting spaceship technology, and Ghanaian construction company Bonades.

Keshe Foundation International reportedly plans to invest $21 million in the centre which will comprise administration and research facilities and a public healthcare clinic.

The Keshe Foundation, whose stated mission is to "enable humans to create conditions to survive peacefully in deep space, anywhere in the universe", was established to develop ways of creating transport, energy and health facilities in space.

The foundation is led by controversial Iranian nuclear scientist Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who claims to have discovered how to turn electrically-charged plasma into infinite supplies of energy in the form of liquid.

Together with the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), Keshe organised a three-day summit in Accra last October, to highlight discoveries in scientific technology.

The Keshe Foundation International says it hopes the Accra centre will make Ghana a leading nation in the study of plasma-based technologies and magnetic-gravitational fields.

The facility will be built at the GAEC site at Haatso, in the Ga East district of Accra, and is expected to open within 12 months.