Covid-19 cases across Africa exceed 1.6 million

Since covid-19 sprouted from Wuhan China, over 1.1 million people have lost their lives across 189 countries.

Brazil, the United States, and India remain the worst-hit internationally while the global death toll has exceeded 1 million.

A debate of a potential resurgence in covid-19 cases has risen. Governments are weighing how best to balance their economies vis-a-vis lives. With most economic activity battered by lockdowns that brought the global economy to a halt, there is no appetite for going down to the bunkers again.

More people are ignoring the rules as a semblance of normalcy kicks in. Epidemiologists are analyzing the situation with Europe where there is talk of a second wave. 

On Tuesday, the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gave the number of Covid-19 cases reported at 1,654,412.

Africa CDC is a special branch of the African Union Commission. The most infected countries in the continent are South Africa, Egypt, Morrocco, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. Analysis from a regional standpoint points to Southern Africa as the region with the most positive cases and deaths. Northern Africa follows closely. 

South Africa

South Africa has thus far recorded over 706,000 cases of covid-19 and over 18,000 fatalities according to official results. Thus far, South Africa has registered the highest number of coronavirus cases on the continent.


The caseload in Mozambique has exceeded 11,000 according to an announcement made by Benigna Matsinhe, the Deputy National Director of Public Health. 83% of all reported cases are Mozambique citizens with the concentrations in Maputo City and Maputo Province.


In his 18th update on the Covid-19 situation where President Nana Akufo-Addo touted the success of the initiatives put in place by his government to contain the pandemic. Cases of Covid-19 in Ghana currently stand at 47372, with 310 deaths reported. He gave his administration a glowing scorecard even comparing it with other countries that are faced with a second wave and had to go on lockdowns. 


The Moroccan Ministry of Health had reported 3,254 new cases on Tuesday taking the total tally to over 17,000 cases. Figures from the ministry show that the current bed occupancy rate for those in intensive care is at 26%. Casablanca-Sadat region is the hardest hit accounting for most of the recorded cases and fatalities.


Covid-19 transmissions are on an upward trajectory prompting fears of a second wave. According to the Ministry of Health, East Africa’s largest economy is looking at a crisis given the recent spike in the virus caseloads and death count. In less than a month after the relaxation of the containment measures, the positive rate had leaped from 4 to 12 percent.