Kenya legalizes the use of drones

After endless negotiations, consultations and engagement with experts and industry stakeholders, Kenya joined several other African countries that have legalized the use of drones.

The legal umbrella covers both commercial and domestic drones. Drone enthusiasts can finally import, manufacture, assemble and test their unnamed aircraft as they use them for sporting, recreation, and commercial purposes. The new permission is pegged upon their observance of the conditions. 

The move is a step in the right direction for Africa’s second-largest luxury market. The use of drones has been adopted in the relief, real estate, and agricultural sectors. Countries like Rwanda have made huge strides in promoting the adoption of local drone technologies.

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Due to the ban, there were no institutions training drone pilots, a fact that has seen the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority(KCAA) suggest innovative ways to register existing pilots. For instance, they can look at flight hours or accepting foreign drone pilot licenses. 

The new Kenyan laws are very progressive and are poised to improve the country’s competitiveness in the African continent. A few devices were allowed to operate during the ban after being cleared by the Ministry of Defense. The drones were used for aerial mapping, rescue missions and surveying.