Lagos bans out-of-hours construction

The Lagos state government has banned construction work on weekends, public holidays and at night.

The move was announced on 21 May by planning minister Toyin Ayinde, who said the law addresses the increasing number of collapsing buildings around Lagos.

Ayinde said that one common feature shared by the collapsed buildings was that they had all been under construction at the time of collapse, and that "unscrupulous developers" have been undertaking illegal construction work during weekends, holiday time and at night.

He said that this activity would no longer be tolerated and that the ministry would be increasing its monitoring and removal of illegal buildings, along with the arrest of developers and construction employees found on site beyond regular working hours. The minister called on the public to report any suspicious construction work, especially work taking place at odd times.

Ayinde said that compulsory "integrity tests" on buildings and construction materials would be carried out by state officials prior to the commencement of construction. In addition the government has identified, and will confiscate, over 400 abandoned building sites across Lagos.

On 7 May three separate buildings collapsed in Lagos on the same day, causing a number of deaths and several injuries.