Lagos warned against sand filling in lagoons

Environmentalists warn of flood dangers from filling lagoons in Lagos.
A leading environmentalist has warned the Lagos state government that its policy of filling lagoons with sand will lead to extreme flooding in coastal areas, in tamden with rising sea levels.
John Ekoko of the Nigerian Environmental Society cited the ongoing reclamation of lagoons in Iyana Oworo, Ogudu and Ilubirin districts as examples of the government refusing to heed warnings from environmentalists.
Ekoko says the works are already having a serious effect on surrounding coastal areas, impeding the natural flow of water, and would exacerbate flooding during the rainy seasons.
Ekoko's warning comes two months after the Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) blamed state-authorised coastal developments for compounding floods in Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Ajah and Onir.