Major redevelopment in Nairobi's Eastlands district

Urban renewal plans involve demolition and reconstruction

More than 80,000 new homes are to be built in Eastlands, a mixed-income district located due east of Nairobi city centre, as part of a major urban renewal programme. The housing units will be built for resale in a $500 million public private partnership, overseen by Nairobi County government, with private investors offered the land at subsidised rates. Older housing estates such as Bahati, Mbotela, Ziwani, Makongeni, Kaloleni, Jericho and Shauri Moyo are marked for demolition and will be replaced with highrise buildings.

The finished project is expected to accommodate 650,000 people, with 20 per cent of buildings being designated for social housing. The scheme's design is being carried out by the county government and the University of Nairobi.

The total Eastlands area covers some 800 hectares and the council is the principal landowner.