Kids’ Screenings at Goethe Institut

15 Nov. The screening of the German movie The Valiant Little Tailor by Christian Theede. It tells the story of a tailor, who sets out into the world to seek his fortune. He meets a giant before landing to a luxurious palace, where he meets a king and his beautiful daughter. In order to marry the princess, the tailor has to save the kingdom and prove his bravery in three difficult challenges.

22 Nov. The German movie The Tears of my Mother by Aljandro Cardenas Amelio, which won the Max Ophüls Award. It tells of Alex, son of Argentinean refugees, who grows up in Berlin in the 1980s. Many years later, Alex is on his back to Buenos Aires, where his father is about to die, and tells the story of his unusual childhood in flashbacks.

29 Nov. The film The Frog King by Franziska Buch. One day a princess receives a golden ball as a birthday present, but while she is playing with it, it falls into the pond. A frog hears the princess’ desperation and offers his help in turn of a promise, which the princess has to make him. The frog retrieves the ball, but the princess ignores the promise and returns to the castle. However the frog shows up at the castle, looking for the princess.

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Address Goethe Institut. Alykhan Road No. 63, Dar es Salaam, tel. +255 22 2134800.

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Kids’ Screenings at Goethe Institut

Goethe Institut. Alykhan Road No. 63, Dar es Salaam, tel. +255 22 2134800.

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