9 July-1 Aug 2009. This a cappella musical, written by Fleur du Cap theatre award winner Graham Weir and performed by 16 local singers, is presented for the first time in South Africa. The story is set in 2020 when Cape Town, like all other cities, is suffering from a series of natural global disasters, namely the terrifying effects of global warming, fuel shortage, forest fires and flooding, wars and corruption. No one respects law and order as people are desperate for food and water to survive.

A man nicknamed Noah has visions warning him about a forthcoming flood. In the end he decides to follow his intuition and escapes from Cape Town to Karoo, which has become a desert, and builds an ark to guarantee his survival.

This show also tells an interesting story which makes viewers reflect on the human condition. Furthermore, it tries to awaken a greater level of consciousness in the spectators and encourages them to help save the planet for future generations.

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Address Baxter Theatre. Main Road, Rondebosch, +27 (0) 21 6857880.

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Noah of Cape Town.

Baxter Theatre. Main Road, Rondebosch, +27 (0) 21 6857880.