2 Aug 2009. This concert features an all-female award-winning band of musicians who play futuristic electric instruments. The physical appearance of its members, their spectacular shows and energetic stage presence captivate audiences all over the country.

Electric flautist Carina Bruwer also owns an entertainment agency and is a renowned marathon swimmer; electric violinist Eriel Huang, speaks six languages fluently and has previously worked as an interpreter at international meetings; electric violinist and viola player Magdalene Minnaar is a renowned soprano and has sung in various professional operas; electric cellist Ariella Caira is a qualified actress and has acted in many leading roles.

Dinner is served from 18.30. The performance starts at 20.30.

Tickets cost R79.00 each.

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Address On Broadway. 88 Shortmarket Street, tel. +27 (0) 21 4241194.

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Sterling Electric Quartet (Eq).

On Broadway. 88 Shortmarket Street, tel. +27 (0) 21 4241194.