Housed in one of the oldest residential buildings in the capital with marvellous views over the city to the Entoto mountains to the north; contains a fascinating collection of photographs and other items documenting key moments in the development of Addis Ababa, from its foundation in 1886 through the battle of Adwa in 1896 to the arrival of the railway in 1917, Italian colonial occupation (1936-41) and military rule under the Dergue (1974-1991). Of particular interest are the photographs of Ethiopian firsts: the first telecommunications office, the first car, the first telephone. There are also some interesting pictures of the settlement at Entoto to the north of Addis Ababa, which served as the capital of Ethiopia from 1881 to 1886.

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Address Meskel Square, 1

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Addis Ababa Museum

Meskel Square, 1