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Paintings by Farouk Hosny

25 January-9 February 2011. Paintings by the Egyptian abstract painter and minister of culture Farouk Hosny. Hosny has held exhibitions worldwide and won the Japanese Soka Gakai International Universi...
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Huda Lufti: 20 Years of Art

22 January-19 February 2011. This retrospective exhibition pays homage to the Egyptian artist Huda Lufti and her 20-year long artistic career. Lufti began as a mediaeval historian, later became a...
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Tribute to Georges Bahgory

16 January-7 February 2011. This exhibition pays homage to the Paris-based Egyptian artist Georges Bahgory, considered the grandfather of Egyptian caricature, with a great selection of paintings....
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Liberated Spatiality by Thaier Helal

25 January-15 March 2011. This exhibition by the Syrian painter Thaier Helal displays a new series of mixed media canvases, made of lines and markings liberated from spatial bounds. His paintings a...
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Paintings by Hafez El-Raay

10-26 January 2011. This exhibition brings together a selection of paintings by the famous Egyptian artist Hafez El-Raay. El-Raay specialises in oil and acrylic paintings of Egyptian daily life.
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Hungary at a Glance

30 December 2010-15 January 2011. The Hungarian Cultural Office dedicates this exhibition to Hungary and displays a series of panels created by Hungarian artists.
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Exhibition by Gazbiya Sirry

23 December 2010-15 January 2011. The Design Centre of Cairo host a large selection of masterpieces by the Egyptian painter Gazbiya Sirry, who is considered one of Egypt
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Fames: Family Vaudeville at Darb

13 December 2010-31 January 2011. Darb 17 18 celebrates its second anniversary with this exhibition entitled Fames: Family Vaudeville. On display are works by international artists such as Nermine Ans...
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Within A Secret Voyage by Sandro Vannini

12 December 2010-12 January 2011. This photographic exhibition, entitled Within a Secret Voyage, is on show at both the American University in Cairo
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Nostalgia by Asaad Arabi

9 December 2010-15 January 2011. In this exhibition by the Syrian painter Asaad Arabi presents his latest series of paintings entitled Nostalgia. Arabi portrays the venerated Egyptian songstress Umm K...
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A Survival Guide

9-23 December 2010. This collective exhibition displays various art projects by young and emerging artists, who are also students at the American University of Cairo.
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Exhibition by Mahmoud Khaled

8 December 2010-8 January 2011. This exhibition entitled When Meanings Face Glossy Surfaces brings together for the first time in Cairo five works produced by the Egyptian artist Mahmoud Khaled in the...
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The Selection 3 Group Exhibition

6 December 2010-6 January 2011. This group exhibition entitled The Selection 3 brings together the works by pioneer Egyptian artists of the likes of Shaker El-Meadawi, Sayed Abdel-Rasoul, Raouf Raafat...
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Cairo Towers by Mohamed Abla

4 December 2010-4 January 2011. This exhibition entitled Cairo Towers features the paintings by Egptian artist Mohamed Abla. Abla created this new series of paintings from his new studio in the middl...
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Tribute to Abdallah Gohar

1-11 December 2010. This exhibition pays homage to Abdallah Gohar, considered one of Egypt
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Memory of Colour by El-Ganainy

1-30 December 2010. This exhibition entitled Memory of Colour displays a series of paintings by the Egyptian painter, poet and art critic Ahmed El-Ganainy. This versatile contemporary artist is known...
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Flesh by Samir Fouad

27 November-17 December 2010. This exhibition brings together a series of colourful paintings by the Egyptian artist Samir Fouad entitled Flesh. Fouad portrays the anxiety of modern man through th...
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Mecca and Medina: A Photographic Journey by Faruk Aksoy

23 November-23 December 2010. On the occasion of the annual Islamic pilgrimage, the Photographic Gallery of the American University of Cairo dedicates this exhibition to the Turkish veteran photograph...
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Citizen, Participant Exhibition at Darb

6 November-10 December 2010. This exhibition, entitled Citizen, Participant, brings together the works by seven women artists from the same generation coming from four countries in North and South Ame...
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Contemporary Visions on the Human Body

1-18 November 2010. This vast, collective exhibition brings together the paintings, prints, etchings, drawings, sculptures and photographs of the human body by 110 Egyptian artists, such as Hany Rashe...


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