A summary of coronavirus developments in Africa

The covid-19 pandemic is spreading fast across the African continent, prompting the WHO to raise alarm bells.

Africa has close to a million confirmed cases and 20,000 fatalities. Despite the rising number and talk of an incoming second wave, African governments remain consistent in enforcing preventive measures.


Kenya’s covid-19 cases have exceeded 22,000 and the country gears for a prolonged crisis period. The country resumed international flights after a three-month suspension in travel. Flights will proceed under strict adherence to the guidelines set by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority alongside the Ministry of Health.


Ghana’s covid-19 cases are approaching 40,000, as the country ranks third among countries that are most infected with covid-19. Half of the cases reported are around Accra, the capital city. It’s worth noting that Ghana has one of the best testing capabilities in Africa. In his 14th address to the nation, Ghanian President Nana Akufo-Addo eased restrictions on mosques, churches, public transport, and other public areas. The waivers on water and electrical utilities were also extended.


Lagos state leads in total confirmed cases, followed by FCT, Oyo, and Edo respectively. Despite the rising numbers, Nigeria has also opened places of worship and required them to operate at half capacity. Africa’s most populous nation has opened 14 airports and passenger train services. 


Morrocco's covid-19 cases have spiked with the country reporting its highest tally last week. The total number of infections is over 20,000 prompting the government to mandate the wearing of face masks. After a four-month absence, Morocco will re-open its league the Botola Pro 1. However, matches will continue behind closed doors. 


The Mozambican government has ordered a phased reopening of schools according to grade level under strict compliance of health prevention measures. Mozambique’s economy has been hard hit by the pandemic affecting their ability to carry out testing and contact tracing. A grant secured from the Africa Development Fund (ADF) will help the government strengthen health systems, scale-up testing, and tracing, expand social protection systems, and cushion the vulnerable populations.


Egypt has the second-highest cases recorded on the continent. The number of new infections has drastically levelled off. Cairo recorded its lowest number of infections since May 3. Egyptian tourist resorts opened in July while adhering to health guidelines. Egypt’s Minister of International Co-operation, Rania al-Mashat, responded to an erratic tweet by American Tesla CEO Elon Musk that attributed the pyramid’s construction to aliens. Tourism makes up 5% of the country’s economic output and employs many people. Egypt has made it to the “safe list” of countries permitted non-essential travel to the European Union.