Water tariffs are set to rise in Addis Ababa in the next few weeks according to the independent business weekly Capital. Under the new tariff system, the cost of water for domestic consumption (up to seven cubic metres a day) will increase from 1.60 birr to 1.75 birr per cubic metre. The tariff for larger-scale consumption (7-20 cubic metres) will rise from 2.35 to 2.60 birr per cubic metre; for consumption in excess of 20 cubic metres the current rate of 3.25 birr per cubic metre will remain unchanged. The present tariff of 3.25 birr per cubic metre for all industrial consumption will also stay the same. The increase represents the final stage in a five-year price adjustment plan to enable the Addis Ababa water and sewerage authority (AAWSA) to cover its production, distribution and maintenance costs and finance development projects in the future.