Arusha villages to get electricity

Tanzania's Rural Energy Agency to supply villages in Arusha area.

Tanzania Electrical supply company TANESCO has announced that it will provide electricity to 58 villages in the Arusha area, connecting some 6,409 households.

The project is part of the Tanzanian Rural Energy Agency (REA) phase three of the national rural electrification project to provide electricity for 7,873 villages in the next five years. Under the project 7,697 villages will be connected to the national grid and the remaining to other energy resources.

In 2016, when REA’s phase three was announced, 4,395 villages had been supplied with electricity under the first two phases of the programme, or 36 per cent of the total of 12,268 villages on the mainland.

Approximately 70 per cent of Tanzania’s population of 55 million lives in rural areas. The Tanzanian government has pledged to bring electricity to all villages by 2021.