Cape Town's solid waste department has launched its first drop-off centre for recycling refuse. Situated on Tramway Road in the Sea Point district, the recycling centre is free of charge and is designed exclusively for the recycling of cans, cardboard, glass, paper and plastic.

The solid waste department has awarded local firm Mandla Recycling with the contract to roll out the city's Think Twice programme, which encourages households and businesses to dispose of their rubbish by integrated recycling. The City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard areas now join Green Point, Mouille Point and Three Anchor Bay which have had access to recycling since late 2008.

Approximately six thousand tonnes of refuse is disposed of daily in dumps in the greater Cape Town area, with remaining space rapidly diminishing. The Think Twice initiative is aimed at reducing landfill waste by promoting an integrated refuse policy n Cape Town. Known as the two bag system, it requires the separating of recyclable and non-recyclable rubbish.

For more information about the Sea Point Recycling facility, tel. 0214428135.