Differentiation of waste in Accra

First phase of nationwide programme introduced in capital

A nationwide waste differentiation programme was launched in Accra on 22 November, with the support of the environment ministry and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The programme promotes the separation of refuse at source and is organised by Ghana's two principal waste management companies, Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Jekora Ventures.

The first phase of the scheme has been introduced in Accra at selected ministries, institutions and schools, each of which will be supplied with bins for paper, plastics and food waste.

The environment minster Joe Otteng Adjei said that segregating rubbish at source was an environmentally sustainable way of managing waste, and would reduce the amount of refuse ending up in landfill sites.

The head of the EPA Daniel S. Amlalo said the "safe disposal" of refuse remains a "major challenge" in Ghana, whose 25 million population generates almost 13,000 tons of solid waste per day, of which "only 60 per cent is collected."