Headscarves allowed in Mozambique schools

The Mozambican government has overturned its new law banning the wearing of traditional Muslim headscarves in the country's schools, following confusion over the decree which banned headscarves, veils and burqas from being worn in school.

On 10 August the education ministry issued a decree stating that Muslim girls could only wear the headscarf during the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.

After consulting with the Islamic community, which was angered over the ban, the government ruled that headscarves could be worn throughout the year but that all other types of headwear that hide the face, such as veils and burqas, would remain banned. Muslim leaders in Mozambique expressed their satisfaction with the outcome.

Prior to the headscarf ban being overturned, there were reports that powerful Muslim groups in the northern Nampula province had threatened to cut ties with the ruling Frelimo party, which historically received significant support and funding from the Muslim community in Mozambique.