A recent partnership between international internet giant Google and ISP Wananchi Group, a Nairobi-based telecoms provider, has resulted in the launch of a low-cost, high-speed wireless broadband network in Nairobi.

Known as Wazi Wi-Fi, the experimental system is provided with cloud-based service and data management from Aptilo Networks, a Swedish firm which operates systems for wireless networks in 50 countries.

Currently the network is only available at the Junction Shopping Mall area in Nairobi but plans for its expansion are being discussed with local businesses. Free of charge for the first ten minutes of use per day on a single device, the service costs 50 Kenyan shillings for a one-day pass, or 500 shillings for a one-month pass per device, and can be paid for online.

In a statement Google said "These efforts are part of our broader goals in Africa: to get more users online, to reduce internet access barriers, and to help develop a vibrant internet environment."