Why Kenya is a great place for digital nomads

Africa is a major attraction for remote workers due to its budding startup community. 

Digital nomads are people who use telecommunication technologies to earn their living as they go about their nomadic lifestyles.

Digital nomads are mostly young adventurous people working ion the fields of marketing, IT, design, tutoring, writing, consulting, media, software programming, and a lot more. Most prefer to work from foreign countries where they check into public libraries, coffee shops, and co-working spaces.

Africa is a major attraction for remote workers due to its budding startup community and wealth of unexplored business opportunities. The low cost of living accompanied by fiber-optic high-speed internet connections is part of the attraction.

What makes Kenya stand out?

Kenya is a popular destination for digital nomads as it comprises an exuberant youthful population and a stable political environment. The country also hosts the Maasai Mara, once voted one of the seven wonders of the world.  As one of the Sub-saharan countries hosting the big five, the country has a unique display of game drives, safaris, and many other surprises.

Ease of social integration

Kenya ranked in fourth place as one of the most attractive investment destinations, based on a survey from the Rand Merchant Bank’s Investment Attractiveness Index.

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As a foreigner, you can get a tourist visa on arrival. In addition, the national language in both English and Swahili making it easy for communication. You can order tea or coffee at any restaurant while grabbing a bite from the Kenyan menu which isn’t too different from international cuisine. When it comes to accommodation, most residences in the suburbs have clean running water. You can also get a wide variety of housing options on Airbnb.

The Internet

The Internet is key for remote workers. In most cities, towns, and hotels, there is 4G wifi. In interior areas, you can easily switch to your phones 4G wifi. Safaricom is the main telecommunication company with reliable and fast 4G+ internet that is powerful enough to manage a WordPress website on a bus or train when moving through a national park.

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Co-working spaces

Several co-working spaces are mushrooming across Nairobi every month. Every neighborhood across the city has at least a co-working space. Most small towns and cities are gradually catching up.

  1. Ikigai - The co-working space has locations in Westlands, Riverside, Lavington, and Lower Kabete. 
  2. Nairobi Garage, Located in Westlands, Kilimani, Spring Valley, and Karen, the Nairobi garage offers great co-working spaces for startups across Nairobi.
  3. Regus - A modern office space with branches in Kilimani, Westlands, Kitisuru, and Nairobi CBD.
  4. The Mint Hub - A fine co-working space in Westlands, Nairobi that offers great office packages for businesses.
  5. The Twig Cowork - Great workspace area for SMEs, startups, tech companies, and other seasoned businesses. The Twig is located in Nairobi, Westend Towers, Waiyaki Way.

What are the downsides, if any?

There is widespread consensus that the traffic situation is the biggest inconvenience while in Nairobi. The best substitute for public transport is the Uber ride-hailing taxis that can cost as low as $3.

A citywide train network is currently in development and new bicycle lanes connecting the city to residential areas are promoting the use of bicycles. The security situation has greatly improved with the introduction of street lighting in residential areas. Any other challenges are synonymous with just about any other city in Africa.

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