‘Jerusalema’ captured the world with their dance

‘Jerusalema’ the most shazamed song in the world

South African DJ Master KG is the artist behind the sensational hit ‘Jerusalema’ that has become an international phenomenon.  

The Limpopo-born music producer’s real name is Kgaogelo Moagi never in his wildest dreams pictured himself an international success story from a single song. The chart-topping track has thus far over 125 million YouTube views and features vocalist Nomcebo Zikode who captures the world with her electrifying voice. Around the globe celebrities, health workers, construction workers, and students have performed skits on the #JerusalemaChallenge.

Social media success

Since 2020 the track has garnered hundreds of thousands of mentions and now holds the title for the most shazamed track in the world. The gospel-inspired house track was released on 29 November 2019 gaining lots of positive traction from South Africans after it’s video went viral in December. 

Initially, the song received thousands of mentions on social media after the remix of the tune that featured Nigeria star Burna Boy. It also had some traction in South Africa and the United States of America. Once it found its way onto online streaming platforms social media mentions exploded. Leading countries were Nigeria, the United States of America, France, and Kenya.

As more interest in the track grew, it found its way to pan African radio stations such as Classic 105 Kenya and Continental Radio Station.

Positive reviews

Reactions to the Jerusalema track are mostly positive with South Africans branding it their favorite holiday song of 2019. In September a tweet by Shazam highlighted the track as the most Shazamed track internationally.


Christiano Ronaldo recently did an Instagram video on the song which garnered 19 million views. 


Worldwide reactions to ‘Jerusalema’ 

As the song broke into international fame, an Angolan dance group came up with a dance challenge with their choreographed version of the song. This was immediately picked up in Portugal as Master KG flew there to promote his album. 

South Africa has promoted the song the most on social media, closely followed by Kenya, Zimbabwe, the USA, and Nigeria. It receives hundreds of millions of streams in the past few months as people are yet to have enough of it.

Top trending Jerusalema mentions

‘Health workers’ in France rocking to the new jam


‘Naivas Moi avenue’ a supermarket store in Kenya taking part in the dance challenge


Aljazeera sharing a post on ‘social media users’ and ‘positivity’.