Ireland funds climate change action in Mozambique

Ireland is to provide €5m to assist the Mozambican government in minimising the adverse effects of climate change over the coming years.

The agreement was signed in Maputo on 7 May by representatives from Ireland, the European Union (EU) and the Mozambican government.

Ireland's funding will be channelled through the EU-backed Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA) into the Environmental Sector Support Programme (ESPS II) for the period 2011-2015.

The assistance from Ireland raises the EU financial support for ESPS II from €10.2m to €15.2m. The funds will go towards supporting the country’s agriculture and forestry sectors, integrating climate change policies into development strategies aimed at reducing poverty, and focusing on vulnerable rural communities.

The initiative also involves the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), a humanitarian body within Denmark's ministry of foreign affairs.