Four Kenyans of foreign descent have been nominated to contest the 27 December polls for the 210 seats in the Kenya National Assembly.

Two have roots in Europe; they are Franco Esposito, who is originally from Italy, and Basil Criticos from Greece. They will both be competing for the second time, Esposito for the Magarini constituency and Criticos in Taveta, both in Coast Province, on Party of National Unity (PNU) and Kenya African Democratic Development Union (KADDU) tickets respectively. Esposito is a wealthy businessman in Malindi who made his first unsucessful attempt in politics last year in a by-election. Criticos is a former Taveta MP and assistant minister for health with interests in commercial farming, specialising in sisal.

The others have their roots in Asia; they are Kenyan businessman Kamlesh Pattni, who is implicated in Kenya