Lagos river “solidifies” with vegetation

Lagos government warns residents not to walk over Ogun River.

The Lagos state government has warned residents to stay away from the Ogun river which has “solidified” after being clogged with thick vegetation following a heavy storm.

The vegetation, which first appeared overnight on 19 June, has solidified enough to allow curious onlookers to walk over the river, beside the Kara cattle and sheep market.

It has also caused traffic jams on the nearby Lagos-Ibadan highway bridge, in the Ojodu Berger area of Lagos, as residents stop to take photographs of the phenomonon.

However the government is warning people that instead of being dried-up, the river continues to flow as normal under the recently-formed layer of condensed vegetation.

Enviornmentalists say the vegetation, believed to be water hyacinths, could open up at any time and have urged authorities to take action.