The first ever international business conference for environmentally friendly off-grid lighting takes place in Accra from 5-8 May. Representatives of the global lighting industry, international and local financial institutions, private developers, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and international and bilateral development agencies will gather at Lighting Africa 2008 to develop appropriate and sustainable lighting solutions for the continent that do not use fossil fuels.

The conference also includes the Lighting Africa Development Marketplace (DM), a competition for the design and delivery of low-cost, high-quality, non-fossil based lighting products and services for low-income consumers in sub-Saharan Africa; a trade fair for products and services; visits to local communities; and networking opportunities.

Lighting Africa 2008 is a World Bank initiative aimed at providing up to 250 million people in sub-Saharan Africa with access to cheap and reliable non-fossil fuel based lighting products and services by 2030.

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