Mozambique considers changing working hours

The Mozambican government is considering changing the working hours of the country's financial sector in a bid to reduce traffic congestion in major cities such as Maputo.

Discussions are taking place within the negotiating forum known as the Consultative Labour Commission (CCT), which comprises government representatives, trade unions and employers' associations.

The commission's findings are to be presented to the labour ministry and it is understood that the banking sector could face major reforms that would see employees begin work at midday.

The government acknowledges that the daily traffic jams in Maputo and nearby Matola are worsened by the fact that the majority of services begin business at 07.30.

Last year city councils in Maputo and Matola redesignated some major roads to one-way streets, but although it lessened traffic congestion it did not solve the traffic jams.

In Mozambique, the legal limit for employees in the non-agricultural sector is 44 hours per week, with one rest day.