Mozambique has increased significantly the cost of tourist visas and temporary and permanent residence permits, local news sources report.

O Pais reports that on 12 July temporary residence permits rose from 2,000 MT to 24,000 MT and permanent permits from 2,000 MT to 30,000 MT, representing a hike of 1,100 per cent and 1,400 per cent respectively. In addition, as of 6 July the cost of a 30-day tourist visa has reportedly increased from $25 to $82, although according to on 20 July due to a lack of technology the increase was only being applied at Maputo international airport and at the Lebombo-Ressano Garcia border.

The price hikes allegedly follow the introduction of a biometric passport system in Mozambique in 2009. The new costs were reportedly not published before being introduced and have taken local and international trade by surprise.