No fireworks in Dar es Salaam for New Year

The police department in Dar es Salaam has banned the use of fireworks to celebrate New Year’s Eve. So far it has turned down requests from eleven companies for permission to stage fireworks displays. The production of fireworks has also been banned.

The police commander of the Dar es Salaam special zone, Suleiman Kova, has said that no crimes were committed over Christmas thanks to cooperation between the police and a media campaign to educate the general public on what he called the importance of  “obeying the law without the use of force”.

The police have asked people to be on the alert for the thefts of batteries, oil and parts from mobile telephone towers.

15 police have been allocated to every city ward for the 24 hours over New Year celebrations.

Discos for children have been banned on the grounds that they are unsafe and businesses have been warned to make payments by mobile services instead of using cash.

As well as petty crime, the police department is on the alert for faith-related crimes between Muslims and Christians, gender associated acid attacks and international terrorism.

Dar es Salaam special police zone is one of five departments in the Tanzanian police force (TPF); administration and resources, operations, criminal investigations, Dar es Salaam special police zone and Zanzibar police.