Oxfam to move HQ from UK to Nairobi

Charity Oxfam in talks to relocate international base to Nairobi.

The international aid and development charity organisation Oxfam is set to move its global headquarters from the UK to Nairobi.

The Oxford-based organisation, which was founded in 1942 as the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief, is currently in advanced talks with the Kenyan government.

The charity organisation said its reasons for moving include a greater shift towards working with local people on the ground, and that its aid work is "no longer predominately about transferring money from north to south."

Before settling on Nairobi, Oxfam had also considered moving its base to the Turkish capital Ankara and Bangok, in Thailand, as part of plans to devolve power from the northern to the southern hemisphere.

In 2004 ActionAid, the international NGO fighting poverty and injustice, relocated its global base from London to Johannesburg in South Africa.

The London-based human rights organisation Amnesty International is also said to be considering moving its headquarters to Africa.