The Tanzanian capital city Dodoma is to have a radically-redrafted master plan introduced in January by an international South Korean-based engineering company Saman Corporation and Tanzanian firm Tahus.

The plan comprises 262,053 hectares, of which 25,499 hectares would be zoned as residential, 3,491 hectares zoned as commercial and 8,077 hectares set aside for industry.

A further 21,768 hectares are designated for public facilities, with 8,000 hectares for the government administrative district in the area around Chamwino State House.

Saman Corporation said that 20 villages within the Dodoma municipality are to be included in the urban plan including Kikombo which has been allocated over 12,000 hectares.

The plan would make use of alternative energy sources and would concentrate on sustaining future water supply resources. The city