‘Queen Sono’ , the All-African Netflix Series

Queen Sono" finally premiered on Netflix as one of the first original African series. Carving out a super-spy kind of theme, we are treated to a culture-breaker as a formidable black female assumes the lead role.

Towards the end of February, Netflix chief content officer, Ted Sarandos traversed the African continent breaking bread with local creatives with a desire to aggressively increase the diversity of content on Netflix’s roster. Viewing Africa as an untapped source of talent and excellence, Sandaros will play a lead in promoting the launch of the first fully African-made series “Queen Sono." 

The distinction between this series and others from the continent is the all-African production done on a Netflix budget. "Queen Sono" is expected to draw in many viewers from their African image. A second season is expected on the horizon - going by the suspense created from the ending of its pioneer season. 

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Most notable South African stars who starred in the show were Pearl Thusi, the Quantico actress. She took an undercover agent role, involved in dangerous missions while balancing her personal relationships among other struggles.

The continent is part of her work area as she is tasked with intelligence missions run by an elite group of operatives called the Special Operations Group. The sole purpose of the unit is to protect South Africa and her interests from threats such as terrorism, neo-colonialism, and corruption.

Queen remains up to task moving from country to country moving through air, land, and sea collecting intel and keeping off mean people. The ‘Queen’ is well equipped on various fronts to deal in hand to hand combat. Apart from being highly attractive, she is sensual, beautiful, and reckless. At times she indulges in risks that even worry her supervisors - adding to the unpredictable unfolding. 

Adding to the fray of Sono's scarred life story is the recollection of her past where we learn that her mother died from an assassination, having been a political activist. Part of her remorse is mixed with rage and bleeds into the entire show complicating the plot. The story also points out a country trying to cope with 30 years post-Apartheid.

The shooting covered several countries notably Zanzibar, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Many international viewers will be dazzled by the exemplary sites captured of the continent that tell a different story than what most people are accustomed to from media depictions.