The first Serengeti International Day on 19 March set up a series of new initiatives to stop the Tanzanian government building a road through the Serengeti Park.

Italy, Germany and Australia are now running their own Save the Serengeti Facebook pages. To join the Facebook campaigns click here

Serengeti Watch, which has been set up to organize the campaign against the road, has launched a drive on its website to sell T-shirts, send postcards to all the Tanzanian embassies and consulates, host awareness parties, organise Serengeti Days at school and sponsored walks to save the wildebeest whose migration across the park would be engendered by the new road. For more information click here

About 39,000 individuals and NGOs from around the world have joined together in a campaign to move the planned route away from the wildebeest migration paths in the north of the park to another route that would link existing roads to the south.

According to the Tanzanian government