David Kimutai Too, Ainamoi member of parliament for the main opposition party Orange Democratic movement (ODM), has been shot dead in the Rift Valley town of Eldoret by a traffic policeman. A woman with him in the car at the time was also badly wounded in the shooting.

The police are claiming that the MP was the victim of a domestic dispute but the opposition party believes that this is another politically-motivated assassination. Kimutai, a former secondary school head, is the second opposition MP to be killed this week after Embakasi MP Melitus Were was shot dead outside his home in Nairobi in the early hours of 29 January.

Unrest and clashes between police and protesters broke out in Eldoret soon after the shooting; shops have closed and some people are reported to be fleeing the town in fear of reprisals. Eldoret has been the scene of horrific acts of violence in the wake of the disputed presidential elections on 27 December, including the murder on 1 January of around 30 people