Swine fever outbreak in Maputo

Authorities have confirmed an outbreak of the African swine fever virus (ASFV) in the province of Maputo and have banned the movement of pigs within the province unless the animals receive a clean bill of health.

All infected pigs must be slaughtered and their bodies incinerated, according to the order from the Mozambican agricultural authorities.

The Maputo provincial government has called on all pig farmers to restrict access to their farms, to use disinfectant and engage in systematic washing of the pigsties.

The disease was detected in late October in two locations in Marracuene, a district about 30 km north of Maputo.

Endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, ASFV can infect domestic pigs, warthogs and bushpigs, and is likely carried by ticks. It causes fever, skin lesions and convulsions, and infected animals usually die within about two weeks.