Tanzania has joined other African countries including South Africa and begun registering SIM cards to help fight crimes committed using mobile phones. The registration began at the start of July and will last until the end of December; anyone who has not registered their number by that date will have it disconnected.

To register subscribers should go to their mobile operator or to any agent operating on its behalf with a voter registration card, passport, social security identity, driving licence, college or employment identity card or other form of personal identification. There is no upper limit to the number of SIM cards that can be registered by any one person. New subscribers will be registered automatically when buying a SIM card.

There are six mobile phone providers currently operating in Tanzania with a combined total of over 10 million subscribers (out of a total population of just over 40 million). These are Tigo, Vodacom, Zain (formerly Celtel), Benson, Zantel and Tanzania Telecommunications Company Limited, which also provides landline and wireless services.

Nigeria is also making plans to begin SIM card registration shortly.