At least two people have died in clashes with police during a day of nationwide protests over the results of the 27 December presidential elections, which the main opposition party Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) says were rigged.

Hundreds of people turned out in the western city of Kisumu, an ODM stronghold, where they met with strong resistance from riot police using batons and firing tear gas and live ammunition.

Police in Nairobi used similar measures to deter smaller crowds trying to reach Uhuru park in the city centre, although media sources say heavy rain in the capital also kept many people away. In Kibera slum police are reported to have opened fire on crowds of opposition supporters, wounding three people.

There are reports of running battles with police in the port city of Mombasa, where activities have been at a near standstill since the crisis began, and clashes in the western city of Eldoret, which saw some of the worst violence in the immediate wake of the poll results.

More protests are scheduled for 17 and 18 January.